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31 of the most annoying things in the world.

Science or something needs to save us from these horrors.

There are certainly more than 31 annoying things in the world but we had to stop somewhere because, as the author of this post, I have no more hair to pull out in frustration.  I suppose “baldness” could be number 32.  Especially when it starts at 22 years of age.

Anyways, excluding the early onset of baldness, here are 31 super annoying things that need to be solved so that we may all die in peace.  These are all from the delightful subreddit Mildly Infuriating.

This is just a bit annoying.  It gets worse as we go along.

yogurt cup flipped over

Like this wet spoon that was dipped in the sugar.

wet spoon in sugar

Well eff you too, Sony.  I was going to give the video a thumbs down anyways.

video not available in your country

Thanks Bose, I wasn’t planning on using those other two plugs

taking up too many plugs

How is this not fixable yet, Apple?  You have hundreds of billions of dollars of CASH  on hand but you can’t spend any of it on fixing this abomination?

sorting albums incorrectly in itunes

Can you find the girl in this picture who doesn’t have any respect for others? Hint:  She’s talking on speakerphone in a public place, taking up two seats – sorry, 3 seats since one is for her bag.

should i even have to ask


 Why bother making a shoe tongue if it’s just going to hide?

shoe tongue goes solo

Toilet paper:  either rolling the wrong way, too far to reach, or this.

shitty toilet paper roll

This poorly sharpened pencil.  Someone needs to pay for this.

sharp pencil with wooden edge

“Click to enlarge picture.”  Perfect – thanks.

really bad lightbox image

Ho.  Lee.  Shit.

pulling a paper towel

You’re perforated for one reason

paper not ripping right

These cupboard doors that are slightly misaligned

offset cabinet doors


Non-stick you are not

non stick frying pan

Ever get your binder stomped in high school?  I did.  I lived with this, every, damn, day.

misaligned 3 ring binders

Milk cartons that “open” like this

milk container opening effed

Packs of stuff that open like this marker set back ripping off

And you won’t have nail clippers handy when this happens.  Ever.


No words.

get the last bit out of the toothpaste

Eraser, you had one job

erasers that smudge

Where there’s a hook, there’s a way


And now this straw us utterly useless

cracked bendy straw

Doesn’t matter how hard you try, this happens

cord tangled in chair

This cookie looks depressed

cookie doesnt fit

Hard butter + soft bread = hardbutterclumpedonbread

butter that just wont spread

Oh, I get it, I have to delete all the text before I can type my own.  Makes sense. It was silly of me to think I could just start typing in a search box.

buggy input fields

You know they did this on purpose to annoy us all

books not lined up

Bottom sheet of bed getting pulled up by ghost in middle of night

bedsheet not fitting

This water fountain you’ll be forced to suck on

bad water fountain


autocorrect dammit

This toilet seat which is slightly askew and probably tends to slip from side to side, depending on how you sit on it.

askew toilet seat