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True Story: A Cottage Rental Experience

I recently rented a “cottage” with family, which turned out to be the lower level of a large house. Outside the cottage, there was an upper deck (for the owners) and a lower deck (for renters). Unfortunately, the owners had three little dogs that barked incessantly. And every time they went outside, they peed. Trouble is, they didn’t go on the grass like every other dog… they peed directly on the deck, which was built with the usual deck boards. So, when the dogs peed, it dripped down between the boards to our stone deck below.

We confronted the owner of the cottage and said, “When you let your dogs out to pee, they pee on the deck and it falls between the wood, below, practically hitting us.  In fact, we’ve stepped in it a few times, thinking it was just water”.

After an awkward pause, she responded with, “It shouldn’t.”

We replied, “Well, it is.”.

“But it shouldn’t”, she replied, clearly annoyed that I didn’t just say, “Oh you’re right.  My mistake.  Never mind then.”.

“Ok… well… it definitely IS.  We saw the dog do it.  It’s disgusting.  Please make them stop.”  I could tell she still didn’t believe me, and looked at me as though I were just being a pesky renter who liked to make up stories.  I wasn’t asking for a discount.  I wasn’t asking for a refund.  I just wanted to not get pissed on.  I thought it was a pretty reasonable request.

She left in a huff and hinted that she’d keep an eye on the dogs.  I thanked her as she turned her back to me and walked away.

Later that night, the dog peed on the deck again.  And again.

Every time we went outside, we had to bolt out from under the deck for fear of getting pissed on. The image below is a dramatic reenactment of the event.

Cottage Rental Experience

One other great part about this cottage was the fact that it was air conditioned.

However, 30 degree outdoor temperatures and high humidity, along with air conditioned tiled floors do not mix: the water condensates, creating a slippery mess in the hallways. Needless to say, I nearly broke my arm when I stepped out of the carpeted bedroom barefoot onto the tiled floor and wiped out.

But, other than the dog peeing through the deck and the slippery floors, the cottage was wonderful.